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Beyond the Woodlands – Nursery Inspiration Board 02.24.13

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Beyond the Woodlands

I love wood tones!  This nursery inspiration board was inspired by the beautiful dresser.  The design elements of this board bring a sense of warmth and class to the nursery.  For some fun and pops of color, that rug makes a perfect addition.

On a side note, how true is this quote:

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice” – Peggy O’Mara

I pray I can instill a voice of integrity, strength, and character in my children!

Pendantmobileart 1- art 2Love artcribpillowsdresserstuffed toysornamentsrugrocker


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Cabin Fever – Nursery Inspiration Board 11.08.12

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cabin fever nursery

 Let it snow!  The coming winter months make me want nothing more than to head to a cabin in the mountains, gather around a bonfire, drink hot coca and eat s’mores with loved ones.  A girl can dream!  Here’s a nursery inspiration board with a cabin feel.  That dresser is a little pricey, but it can be easily substituted by a more budget friendly brown dresser such as this one.

1 crib  2 knit pillow 3 table lamp 4 throw 5 stool 6 lighting fixture 7 fox 8 cafe art 9 dresser 10 musical art 11 wall paint 12 shelving idea 13 s’mores print 14 keep calm print 15 owl pillow 16 rocking birds 17 sock monkey 18 chair 19 rug

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Little Mountaineer Inspiration Board 09.10.12

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I just came back from vacationing in Canada.  I took my baby boy to meet my extended family there.  We had a blast.  My family lives very close to the Rocky Mountains, which manage to take my breath away every time I see them!  We headed out to Banff and Lake Louise to spend some time in the mountains.  I got inspired to create a nursery inspiration board while at Lake Louise.  Take a look at how gorgeous this place is.  Definitely worth a visit.

Lake Louise

Here’s the inspiration board I created for a baby boy.

little mountaineer inspiration board

1- paint color 2- canoe paddle 3- wall paper 4- ornaments 5- bird poster 6- stop poster 7-red canoes poster 8- Lake Louise painting 9- poster 10- side table 11- crib 12- blue pillow 13- beige pillow 14- canoe 15- table lamp 16- bear 17- booke ends 18- moose pillow 19- chandelier 20-dresser 21-tent 22- rug 23-rocker

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