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Our Vacation to the Bahamas Atlantis 05.06.14

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Last Wednesday we set out to the airport with plans to fly somewhere warm and exotic. Like I mentioned before, hubby started working for United a couple months ago so we fly stand by. Not knowing which flights will have open seats, we weren’t sure where we’re going to go. Well, we ended up at the Atlantis in the Bahamas. So for the past 5 days we’ve dipped our toes in the Caribbean Sea and soaked up as much sun as humanly possible, resulting in a bad sunburn to boot! Surprisingly, considering that there was no planning done whatsoever, this vacation tops our list for one of the best vacations we’ve ever taken. And we have taken plenty!

When vacationing in an exotic place, the one thing I care about more than anything else is the beach.  My vacation is practically ruined if we don’t end up in a hotel with a nice clean and spacious beach. The Atlantis has not only one, but three amazing beaches on its behemoth grounds! The beach service was top notch too! Plenty of towels, drinks and food service, and your own personal umbrella attached to your beach chair. Perfect recipe for relaxation!

The grounds were just beautiful. Everywhere you look you see natural as well as man-made beauty. The hotel had a man-made lagoon that was picture perfect!

They had amazing water slides that makes the resort a perfect family vacation spot as well. We went after spring break, so it wasn’t crowded at all and we didn’t have to wait in line for anything! I heard it gets unbearably crowded late March/early April. So if you’re planning to go, avoid that time frame. How cool is this slide where the tube goes through a shark aquarium (you can see Mike inside the tube in the picture above)!!

This resort, unlike many in the Caribbeans, does not have an all inclusive meal plan. And rightly so. The caliber of restaurants and food variety in this hotel is above and beyond resort quality food! You can eat in A-list restaurants throughout the duration of your stay! simply.amazing.food! I was so happy to finally try Nobu! Now I’m dying for them to open one in the Chicago area!

All in all, Mike and I had an amazing time. This was our first couples’ vacation since Luke was born two years ago, and oh how we needed it! I truly advise all parents to get away, if possible, by themselves. It doesn’t have to be somewhere fancy or grand, but just far enough from the routine where your spouse is getting your undivided attention. This vacation allowed us to re-live our honeymoon days. It was actually better than our honeymoon days because our connection as a couple is much stronger and our love for each other is much deeper now than when we first got married. It has also brought us closer together and made us better parents (rested parents are better parents)! Granted, we were itching to see Luke by the 5th day! We missed him a ton!

xo, Lina

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It’s Vacation Time 04.29.14

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Hi friends! Sorry I’ve been posting so sporadically recently. I’ve been going through blogger’s block as well as dealing with a teething cranky toddler! No fun! Hubby and I decided to go on a last minute vacation to rejuvenate and re-charge. I’m hoping this vacation helps me get re-inspired so I can get back to blogging regularly! 

The fun part is that this vacation is a complete mystery! I have no clue where we’re going to end up. See, hubby works at United’s headquarters here in Chicago so we fly stand by. We will be hopping on whichever plan has open seats! Here’s to hoping we end up somewhere fab! So exciting yet so stressful not to know where we’re going. Be sure to follow me on instagram to see where we end up and for some fabulous photos!

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