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Three Ways to Save on the Nursery 10.21.13

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One of the first challenges, if not the first, in designing the nursery is setting a reasonable budget.  Staying within the budget becomes a whole different challenge later on! Having gone through the process myself, I’ve come across various ways to save when designing your baby’s nursery. Here are my top three favorite ways:

1. Craig’s List finds: you can find some amazing pieces for the nursery at amazing prices on Craig’s list. Granted, you’re going to have to be very patient and check back often.  Throughout the last two trimesters, my hubby and I checked back regularly.  We ended up finding two of my favorite pieces in the nursery: the wooden rocking horse and the vintage radio flyer car above. 

    Tip: before you head out to meet the seller, make sure to ask the right questions (why are you selling, dimensions, condition, etc) and if possible, request more pictures of the item from different angles. This will save you a lot of time and disappointment. 

2. Refurbish it: A typical dresser/changing table in the nursery can cost anywhere from $500 – $2,000.  Refurbishing an older item will cost much less! I have not done this myself, but you can find many mommies and bloggers doing this. They find a piece of furniture (typically a dresser) for a steal (from Craig’s list, yard sales, etc) and they give it a new look through applying different finishes as you can see from the pictures above.  The result is a unique and beautiful piece that would have cost much more to buy.

Resources: white dressergreen chevron strips dressercoral dresser

    Tip: When looking for a piece of furniture to refurbish, make sure it’s made of solid wood as it is much easier to sand and refinish.  Compressed and composite wood can get damaged when sanding or look terrible when a new finish is applied.

3. Free nursery printables: The web is filled with talented folks creating art and putting it up free of charge for us mommies to use! When designing Luke’s nursery, I took some time to create printables with my color pallet. If you don’t have the resources/time to do that, fret not, pinterest is loaded with great quality printables in all styles and colors.

Resources: To the moon and back printthink left printI love you printwe will never part printalphabet printgoodnight stars print

I hope these tips will help you save some bucks in the process of designing the nursery! Have a wonderful week ladies!

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Gold and Pink Baby Shower 09.10.13

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Labor day weekend went by in a flash.  It was super packed with events and fun activities.  Sunday we hosted my sister’s baby shower in my parent’s backyard.  I loved every minute of it; even the planning ;)

While planning my sister’s shower, I wanted to make every detail look uber pretty and feminine.  Thankfully, everything came together perfectly! I especially love pink and gold as a color combo for a girl’s baby shower for its elegant and feminine feel.  I will list resources after each picture and link to a couple printables that were used for games.

The center piece was super easy to make.  I got a mason jar, lace, and hemp from Michaels and glued the fabric using fabric glue.  It came out very chic and elegant.

I loved how these bottles came out. So dainty.  They were also super easy to decorate (wrap a doilie around the bottle using a gold ribbon and voila). I got the plastic bottles from InTheClear. I got the straws from my little otter.

The rag garland was another easy DIY that made a big impact as a decor prop.  Check out this tutorial on how to make one.  Super easy! That mega sized balloon was bought from Stephanie Shives Studio. I bought the table garland “It’S A GIRL” from atCompanyB.  

Everyone absolutely loved the cake pops from Pink Sugar Allure.  She’s such a talented sweet lady! The shower took place in Calgary, Canada (I live in Chicago, so you can imagine how crazy it was planning it all), so the cake was made by Bliss & Co. Cupcake.  They did an amazing job!

Guests loved “finish the baby rhyme” game and the “price is right” game.  You can download an 8×10 here and here.

We had such a great time at the shower; making memories to last a lifetime.  More than anything, I’m so excited to become an auntie to a precious princess.

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Baby Shower Game Printable – Finish the Rhyme 08.28.13

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I’m super excited for this coming long weekend.  It will be a fun packed busy weekend.  My sister’s baby shower will be on Sunday and one of my close friends will be getting married on Saturday. Fun fun fun! In preparation for my sister’s baby shower, I put together a printable for a game called “finish the rhyme”.  You can get it here.  Last time I played this game at a baby shower, I was not a mommy, so it was a challenge! But I noticed that other mommies were struggling with it as well, so I thought it would be a nice game to get everyone going! I just have to make sure there are no cheaters pulling up their smart phones and googling the rhymes ;).

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Free Nursery Printable 09.20.12

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nursery printable


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