Vintage Car Poster DIY 09.21.15

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One of my favorite decor pieces in Luke’s toddler room is the vintage car poster above his bed.  I couldn’t find a ready to buy car art in the size and look I had in mind, so I set to print one out myself.  

If you’re interested in printing and framing one in the same manner, here’s what you need:

A printable image – rounded wood moulding – two eye hooks – ribbon for hanging – black spray paint – staple gun.

I obtained the image from Shutterstock and resized it to the size I wanted.  When you purchase the image, make sure the resolution is high enough to allow for printing at the size you desire.

The poster above his bed is a 26×34.  I had this printed on Vinyl paper, which is thick and sturdy, allowing me to staple it to the wood trim and hang without framing it.  

After I got my print, I went to home depot and got them to cut me two pieces of rounded moulding two inches wider than my print size.  I then painted them in black and stapled the print to the back.  

Finally, I attached the eye hooks to the wood trim, hooked a ribbon through them and hung it above his bed. It turned out really nice! 


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