New in Shop: Baby Shower Invitations 03.09.15

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It’s been a crazy couple weeks over here! I’ve been on bed rest for most it and it has not been too much fun. You’d think with all the time I have on bed rest I’d be caught up on blogging and whatnot. But the stress and fear of having pregnancy complications have sucked the desire out of me to do just about anything. I have a follow up appointment on Wednesday to see how things are progressing. But thankfully, I’ve been doing much better thanks to the help of all the wonderful people in my life!

Yesterday I posted a new baby shower party line for girls and boys in my etsy shop. There are personalized digital shower invitations that can be printed at home or at a printing shop. I also have coordinating games such as price is right, what’s in your purse, and much more! There will also be an identical line in ‘mint’ color for gender neutral showers. I’ll be populating the shop with many more designs in the coming weeks so keep checking back!

Lina, xo

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  1. Ricky says:

    Seeing this card makes me remember that later on I have to hold a baby shower. I haven’t thought about this because my baby just twenty five days old. But, later I definitely have to buy card like this to invite others.

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