Exciting News! 02.10.15

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You can find this pregnancy announcement photo prop here!

I’m so excited to share with you all that we’re expecting baby #2! Sorry for the blurry sign, Luke wouldn’t stop fidgeting! But yes, sibling rivalry is coming to our home August 2015 and we couldn’t be more thankful.  We’ve always wanted to give Luke a brother or a sister close in age.  So once he turned a 1.5 years old, we started trying. To our dismay, this time around it took us much longer to conceive than it did with Luke (we got pregnant within 3 months with him). This time around, it took us over a year! We were getting to a point of accepting that maybe God did not want to bless us with another child. Although a little sad, we trusted in his timing and gave our plans into his hands, letting go of all our expectations and worries. A few months after doing that, we were so surprised to find out that we’re pregnant!  It’s always better not to stress about meeting my own expectations and just relax and trust in God’s timetable.

So I might not have gotten the desired 2 – 2.5 years between siblings (they will be 3.3 years apart), but I learned to put my trust in God’s plans and not stress myself and my body out in order to accomplish something that might not even be in God’s will for me. So much peace and joy comes when we surrender our plans to him! Let go and let God!

Come along with me on this journey as I now get to design two bedrooms: a nursery and a toddler room! I’ll hold off on any nursery planning until we find out the sex of the baby (late March).

xo, Lina

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