Baby Shower Game Printables 01.23.15

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Happy Friday! I’m sure you all are excited for the weekend to begin. I sure am! Hubby and I are going out on a long overdue date tonight. Yay! 

I’ve decided to give my etsy shop some love and create more baby shower game printables. I have so many designs lined up waiting to be listed, I just haven’t gotten the time yet. I will be including baby shower invitations, thank you cards, and other various items.  Some designs are suitable for bridal showers, so I’ll be including that too! But for now, I decided to expand on two designs I currently have and create more games. Head on to my etsy shop to check them all out!

And just for fun, here’s what we did last week! Luke had a blast (NOT) sledding down the hill with his daddy LOL!

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