Gallery Wall Tips 03.21.14

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We’ve all had our moments where we drooled over a gallery wall in a design magazine or on a blog. One way to set the tone or make a statement in a room is to put together a gallery wall. It definitely takes time and planning, but the results can take a space to a whole other level. Here are some tips on putting together a lovely gallery wall in the nursery or any other room

1. Plan your layout and arrange all art + frames on the floors before hanging any artwork.

2. Mix it up by adding decor pieces, such as mirrors, in between prints.

3. Play it safe or go bold! When selecting art pieces and frames, you can remain consistent with the look and feel of the room, or you can do something completely different like creating a vintage looking gallery in a modern room. You can’t go wrong either way!

4. Command products are the way to go when it’s time to hang. I’ve never had to put a hole in the wall. They also make it super easy to make updates to the wall or switch pieces up later on when you’re ready for a change.

Follow my prints board on pinterest as I work to create a new gallery wall in our home now that we have the walls painted!

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