Valentine’s Day for Kids 02.07.14

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I’ve been taking a fresh look at Valentine’s Day now that we’re blessed with a toddler. Naturally, it’s always been about romance, lovey dovey gestures and awesome dates. Now it’s time to spread the love to my little man as well. While he’s still too young to grasp the concept or do much at all, I wanted to put together an idea board for ways to celebrate the day with little ones. I will definitely be pulling inspiration in the future from these ideas:

1. Bake a cake and decorate it with yummy and colorful candy

2. Fun crafts for kids

3. Indulge in yummy heart shaped donuts

4. Throw a Valentine’s themed kids party

5. Make heart shaped pink waffles

6. Fold and play fortune tellers

7. Buy a cute Tutu skirt

8. Create a photo backdrop and take some memorable portraits

9. Decorate with this DIY garland

10. Buy a sweet cuddly toy.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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