Thanksgiving 11.21.13

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We are so excited Thanksgiving is just around the corner! We always celebrate Thanksgiving at my in-law’s house, where my mother in law spoils us with delicious food and beautiful flowers. I’m definitely looking forward to it this year!

Hosting an event is no easy task, but if I were to host Thanksgiving, it would look something like this.  On the menu, alongside all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, I would make this salad, fix that drink, and bake this cake. I would set up my table using these flateware sets, dinner ware, and ikat napkins. I would fix the drinks using that cocktail shaker and serve them with these glasses and napkins. Let’s just say gold galore!  I would create this centerpiece. Set up my table to look something like this. And wear this outfit. Finally, I would end the day by the fireplace reading a book and sipping hot chocolate. Above all, I would be giving thanks to God all throughout the day for all his blessings in our lives!

Do you host Thanksgiving? If so, what’s your favorite recipe? I would love to hear from you!


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