Nautical Nursery Inspiration Board 08.06.13

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Nautical Nursery for a Girl

When designing a nautical themed nursery, I find it easier to design one for a baby boy rather than a girl.  So when I came across the pink sea shell rug, I was glad to have a clear direction of where I was going with this board!  I like the color combination of navy and deep pink and find them to be complimentary to each other as they’re both very rich.  Also, don’t you love the glittery gold and navy anchors!  They make a fab decorative accent to a girl sailor nursery.

Ceiling lightpink coralsI need the sea printJe t’aime printcribnavy hoopwhite hoopnautical mirrorsea printurchin printcrib beddingdressergold anchornavy anchortable lampnavy pillowpink pillowrockerrughamperpoufdrapes.


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  1. ams says:

    where is the cable knit bumper/sheeting in the ‘preppy little sailor’ board? i think it’ll be adorable for my little guy’s room. thanks!

  2. Hi Amelia. It looks like it’s no longer available. You can find a similar one here! Hope this helps :)

  3. Melissa says:

    I love this combo! What color for the walls?

  4. Thanks Melissa! Because of the color combo and the richness of material, textures, and pattern, I would keep the walls white or a soft shade of pearl!

  5. Katie says:

    I LOVE that ceiling fixture. Where can I find something like it?

  6. Hi Katie, all links to resources on the board are included at the bottom of the post.

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